Get your life back!

I work with fabulous women like you who want to stop drinking alcohol for good.

The only problem is that you can’t seem to limit your drinking. 


You don’t know who you are without the glass in your hand but you know something has to change because you just don’t feel alive and vibrant anymore.  .


Are you:

- tired of hangovers?

- ashamed of the fact that you can’t drink less?

- experiencing constant guilt?

- exhausted of feeling anxious and depressed?

- unhappy about physical effects of your drinking (puffiness, weight gain, red and blotchy skin)?

- noticing your relationships are suffering?

- scared of failing, doubt you can do it?

- scared of social isolation?

- terrified of the change?

- unsure of who you are without the drink?


Any of that sounds like you?

Many people think that their strong will is all they need to break the cycle. Some of them have even told me that they are “not bad enough” to get professional help to give up drinking.


  • Imagine being taken by the hand and guided in the process by someone who knows exactly what you need to do to make your sober life happen. Someone who has been through it herself. 


  • Imagine moving from being hungover, depressed and anxious to full of energy, enjoying hangover-free mornings and excited for the day ahead. 


  • What could you do with all the extra time and money? 


  • How would your family feel if they saw you healthier and happier every day? 


  • Consider how your career would change if you were more focused and calmer? 


  • Visualise noticing that your skin looks better, your eyes are brighter and that you can fit in those favourite jeans again.

These are exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do about alcohol. They were just as fed up, lost and frustrated as you are, and they were just as scared.


That’s where working one to one with an experienced Sober Coach can change your ways forever.

It takes you from constantly falling off the wagon, to having tools to be alcohol-free long term and not even wanting to drink anymore.


Fresh and Fab 1 to 1 Coaching Program is a 12-week-long process in which we will:

  • Discover why you keep going back to drinking

  • Provide you with tools to stay alcohol-free in any situation

  • Uncover who you are without the drink in your hand

  • Build long term goals to keep you focused and motivated to stay on track.


The most important part of the program are the weekly video calls where the real self-discovery takes place. However, in the initial phase of our working together we check in daily for short-term solutions as and when needed and accountability. 


As a result of being coached you will:

- stay alcohol-free

- feel fresh and energized

- content and calm

- appearance visibly better, a very good chance of significant weight loss 

- improved relationships with others

- having lots of tools to stay alcohol-free long term

- new social skills not involving drinking 

- confident and proud

- excited about her new sober life.


The experience of working 1 to 1 with the Sober Coach is very different to generic online challenges, reading books about alcohol, watching videos on Youtube or other “fit for all” forms of support. You have access to an experienced professional every time you experience a wobble and the strategies you are taught are tailored especially for you to work with your specific personal circumstances and personality type.


Weekly investment is £50 paid in convenient arrears so that you don’t feel like you spend much more money than you would on alcohol.

If you have been trying for a long time to find something to help you stop drinking - to look better, feel healthier and happier - sign up for Fresh and Fab 1 to 1 Coaching today.


Clients say:


“I really wanted to give a huge thankyou to a very special lady. A lady who almost three months ago came into my life and changed it forever. I can not thank her enough. She has not only changed my life but my beautiful boys’ too. I can't wait to see where this journey leads. Please please please put down the demon drink forever ladies. Your life will be so much better. Honestly, it's like I have opened my eyes for the first time. I now am the woman I was meant to be !!!!”


“Last night was tough, after a busy very hot day i was shattered and all I could think about was the taste of a glass of wine. I messaged Aggie, and she helped remind me of why im doing this. It would have been so easy to go straight back to by awful cycle of wine, no sleep, bad moods, tiredness, shame and guilt. And I would have probably been sat here crying this morning, but instead I’m full of relief and sat doing puzzles with the kids. Feeling fresh and fab!”


“Nine weeks into sobriety! Feeling amazing for getting this far, although some days has been tough. Would have never done it without the help of Aggie Connor. She is helping to change my whole outlook on life, I’m learning to love myself and believe in myself, and obviously to help me stay away from the drink. I was a daily drinker, a bottle of wine a night most nights for years and now nothing! One to one coaching has been amazing, I really recommend giving it a go. Aggie was there for me at any point of the day that I felt a struggle coming on (and still is!) Thank you Aggie!”

Get in touch - find out how coaching can change your life.


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