• Aggie Connor

Manage your thinking (or go nuts!)

Ok, so the world seems a bit unstable at the minute. The visions of doom and gloom are flooding your brain from every direction. Wouldn't it be amazing to learn how to manage your thoughts and be in charge of your own mind?

So let's look at two different flows that can be going through someone's brain:

1. This is terrible. Coronavirus is out there, I might even have it already. Oh my God, that person is coughing... This really is scary. Life is so fragile, we don't even know how long we've got left. How does it even matter if I have this drink tonight? It really doesn't. Whatever. Let's get that wine.

2. Ok, this is a bit different... There is that weird virus going around, but I am ok at the moment. People are talking a lot about it and it's understandable that they worry, but statistics don't look so horrendous. Plus there's an army of professionals out there who are working for everyone's safety, so I might as well focus on supporting and reassuring my loved ones instead of going completely paranoid. Might be a good time for healthy choices now to make sure my immunity is in a good place. I'm definitely not going to drink on it.

These two examples are a bit black and white, but the second one is so much calmer and composed... And just think about the results of each of them!

The good news is, you absolutely can and definitely should learn how to choose your thoughts, especially if you want to give up alcohol or stay sober. Does feeling stressed or anxious make you want to drink? I bet it does. And these emotions come directly from your thoughts, which are nothing else than sentences in your head. So if you learnt how to control what's going on in your mind, you could be so much more in control of your own actions and the results that you get.

Many people struggle with this idea because they think they ARE their own brain. The truth is, we are so much more than just that. Brain is nothing but a tool that we have, and the better we become at managing it, the better results we will be getting in every area of our life.My favourite life coach Brooke Castillo always says that not being in charge of your own brain and thinking is like leaving a toddler unattended in the kitchen: DANGEROUS. If you leave your mind to its own devices, there a big chance you will be facing internal (and eventually external) chaos. This is because its main task is to keep you alive, which in practice means keeping you SCARED.

You can train yourself to choose thoughts that serve you. It's just a skill that can be gained through repetition and if there is anything worth investing in - that is definitely it. Start working on it today, the circumstances are absolutely perfect for it!

And if you want someone to teach you how - join our membership today. Thought Management is what we study this month, there is a masterclass and resources that will help you be the boss of your own head, not its slave. More details here:

Stay sane everyone!! Sending all my love



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