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How do you know you need to stop drinking?

It's Sunday today. We both know that many people woke up today feeling sick to their stomach, hungover and anxious after too much wine last night. Many of them will be contemplating giving up drinking. Have you ever been in this position?

You might feel a huge wave of discomfort and doubt thinking about stopping drinking. You might tell yourself you are not ready for it. Let's redefine "READY" so you can make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.

"Ready" does not mean unafraid. You need to think about it as in: "IT'S TIME". You will never feel comfortable making a big change to your lifestyle, even when you know exactly that this is what you need to do. So please, do not expect this decision to feel comfortable. All the best things - health, happiness and self-love wait for you outside of your comfort zone.

Here are the 3 signs that you are ready to stop drinking - whether you feel it or not:

1. YOU ARE SCARED.  The more scared you feel thinking about not drinking, the stronger your dependency on alcohol is. If you can't imagine a weekend, Christmas or your birthdays without drinking alcohol - the dependency is strong. You have made drinking a very important part of your life and your identity. The longer you procrastinate with removing the booze from your diet, the harder it will be to ditch it.

2. YOU HAVE TRIED BEFORE. You tried Dry January, Sober October, made New Year resolutions, but somehow alcohol crept back into your life. Not drinking has proved to be harder than you thought. This means wine is stronger than your decisions and you need to act now.

3. YOU'VE HAD NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES BUT THEY HAVEN'T STOPPED YOU FROM DRINKING. And not just hangovers. Arguments with your loved ones, not enough energy for your kids, having to change plans because you drank last night, higher levels of anxiety, or even more serious consequences... When you think about it, this stuff should put you off from drinking but it doesn't. If you were allergic to nuts, you wouldn't eat them, would you? It doesn't work with alcohol for you. This means you prioritise alcohol very high in your life, whether you are aware of it or not. 

All these factors mean that there has been enough evidence that your relationship with alcohol is not healthy anymore. You are ready to stop drinking.


All my love Aggie

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